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June 2023 Update: Life on the Line

Today’s Tune: Life on the Line by 2Mello (If the song title’s got you concerned, don’t be. To me, it’s a song about powering up, not giving up.) I’ve been thinking about what to put here for a month – this was supposed to be a May update, and now […]

G-Moth: Special Delivery!

G-Moth is one of the latest models from Superfuture Technolabs, designed with low-altitude flight and deliveries in mind. While the wings are holographic and purely for show, the secret to their flight is an experimental, built-in anti-gravity unit. Because of the unique design of their legs, G-Moth is often seen […]

CAT-SS Bounces In

She’s VERY excited to see you! Well, she’s excited about everything, all the time, but that doesn’t change that she’s excited to see you.

Bun-E03: Welcome!

Revisited an older piece for Bun-E03 with some recent embellishments to her design. I never quite liked the way certain parts of the original version of this illustration came out, so I took some extra time and care in making sure this version was exactly how I wanted it.

Zero XP Hero: Beginning Your Adventure

For Zero XP Hero, I wanted to create some video game-like “hero’s manual” illustrations that go along with Serpent A’s journey. I haven’t decided if the “manual” will be in-universe or not, but I like the idea of it being a companion to the story either way.

Wake up, Bun-E03!

A project that I’ve been working on for a bit. The static image and animation were drawn in Clip Studio Paint, while nearly everything else, including the text, screen transition, and effects are using OBS and SAMMI stream deck software. I’ll be using this to start streams moving forward. Fun […]