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Happy New Year from Nova!

Just because the Year of the Dog was a few years back doesn’t mean Nova can’t celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in her own way.

Aggressive Sales Strategy

“Hey! You! Welcome to Cosmic Café, your home for coffee and cuties!” Millenia has a rather aggressive strategy to get people to visit her part-time job.

Adventurer Bun-E03

Bun-E03 is off on a new adventure to defeat the Dark Lord, save the Kingdom, and maybe make a few friends along the way! There were a couple of games and character designs that influenced her look here, though I hope it didn’t get too reference-heavy. I might adjust this […]

Cozy Bun-E03

Cozy and comfy, just in time for winter! I wonder what her usual order is?

Cat Lessons

CAT-SS is giving lessons to NEK-01 on how to be more flexible and cat-like!… it’s not going very well.

Moovember: Amanda and Millenia

Tiger hoodies…? Oh, right. Those. Timelapse versions: Originally Amanda was going to have one leg folded over the other, but I couldn’t make it quite work. So I changed her overall pose. You can see how much time I spent near the end trying to get the expression just right.