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Zero XP Hero: Bath Time!

No hero? No problem! Serpent A and Gel C are more than ready to save the kingdom! … just as soon as they finish relaxing at the public baths.

Zero XP Hero Chibis – Sera and Sally

A couple of chibis for Zero XP Hero I’ve been poking at off and on for way too long. I had to re-draw the patterns on Sally twice, but it was good practice!

Zero XP Hero Preview

y of a lamia who defeats the chosen hero in self-defense with a critical hit, and (reluctantly) decides to take up his sword for herself to save the land from peril. But how does a monster who can’t level up become a hero?

Zero XP Hero – Meet the Party

When a low-level lamia accidentally kills the hero of the land with a critical hit, she takes it upon herself to save the land from the forces of evil that threaten to destroy it. But how can a monster who can’t level up save her homeland? I’ve been playing around […]