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Terraform Phase 1 Splash Page Update

Since I’m updating all the chapter splash pages, I had to do the splash page for Phase 1 of Terraform, too.(Except for Hero. His art is exactly the same. I’m sure he doesn’t mind.)

Nova Francesca Design Sheet

A long overdue design sheet for Nova! Next up is some of her costumes that have shown up (and will show up) throughout Terraform.

Black and White (WIP)

Little black cat and big white dog. Gonna add a light background and some shading later.

Nova Timelapse

A timelapse of Nova, complete with her Galaxy Star t-shirt!

Cosmic Café Nova

She looks so cute in her waitress uniform! Well… cute-er. I was considering a more elaborate background for this one, but with everything else going on at the moment I might never have finished it.

Spring Breeze

There’s nothing like a nice spring breeze to carry your worries away.