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Moovember: Amanda and Millenia

Tiger hoodies…? Oh, right. Those. Timelapse versions: Originally Amanda was going to have one leg folded over the other, but I couldn’t make it quite work. So I changed her overall pose. You can see how much time I spent near the end trying to get the expression just right.

Sasha and Snowball

This has been something I’ve poked at off and on for years as I played with character concepts and designs, and I feel like I’ve finally landed on a solid look for them. While it wasn’t my intention, it kinda looks like the cover of a rom-com, and that feels […]

Must Love Pets – Sasha and Snowball

Been playing around with these character designs for, checks watch, several years now, but I’ve come up with a plan for them in the form of short, 1-3 page comics about the misadventures of a trio of animals – a cat, a rabbit, and a dog – spending their days […]