Pleasing taste, some monsterism.

Nova Francesca

In Terraform, Nova is an irrepressible force of cheer and full of boundless energy who suddenly disrupts the lives of Amanda and Hero by unexpectedly appearing in their apartment on an exceptionally ordinary day. Exactly who or what she is is a bit of a mystery – it’s safe to say that she’s not human, but she’s not quite a dog either, despite her ears and tail. Despite this, she exhibits a lot of dog-like tendencies, and often looks to Amanda and Millenia for cues on how to act. Still, there’s a spark of something more in her big, blue eyes….

Nova was heavily inspired by my parents dog, a Samoyed, which Nova in turn inherited her long hair and curly tail from, as well as a few other personality quirks. She also takes inspiration from Nuku Nuku, the primary character of All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, which also inspired a certain nickname for Nova that comes up in the comics.