An observant guardian of dragons and humans alike.

Little is known about Lamella, other than that she seems to interfere with other dragons only when absolutely necessary. You might think it’s to ensure that dragons are not discovered, but it’s more of an overseer or guidance role, as the average person raving about being visited by a dragon woman is likely to get confused stares and, possibly, a call to an emergency line. While she has a mature and disciplined look to her, Lamella is surprisingly witty, and can be quite the conversationalist. She seems to exert a certain amount of control over the Earth itself, with a green thumb for flowers and plants in particular.

Coming from the “character ideas can come from anywhere” camp, Lamella’s original design was from playing around with a City of Heroes character creator. I liked the idea of a toxic-themed character combined with a dragon-like appearance, and looked up any plant-like terms that might match. I settled on something related to mushrooms, since they represented a never-ending cycle of life. (That, and “Lamella” just sounded like a pretty name.)