Everything Changes

Amanda and Hero, two life-long friends, have called the sleepy little town of Birchfield their home for most of their lives. A port town turned college town sitting on the edge of the ocean, it’s the perfect place to carve out a quiet little life. As another ordinary day comes to a close, the duo are about to discover a shocking surprise – a mysterious woman with dog-like features and mannerisms who seems to have appeared out of nowhere who’s invaded their home!

Meanwhile, in a world not unlike our own, Millenia has been feeling restless in the city of Rafflesia. Barely able to fall sleep while dwelling on someone who’s suddenly gone missing from her life, she quickly finds that a rough night is the least of her worries when she has a rude awakening the next morning. It’s not like Millenia to let unusual events get her down, but can she adjust to her world – and her body – going through massive changes and find who she’s lost?

Join a band of four misfits uncovering adventure and discovering themselves as two dimensions collide in Terraform, a comic about life, love, pancakes, and what it means to be anything but human. While not my first comic idea, this was the first one to really get off the ground, and features characters that I’ve had in mind since I first set my sights on making comics. It’s been through a handful of revisions – I essentially did a full reboot a few years back – but now it’s going strong with new pages added regularly.

It’s still just getting started, and it’s sure to be a wild ride from start to finish! I plan on Terraform always being available for free online (as long as I can afford web hosting, anyways), so give it a read!