Millenia Francesca


A rebellious mischief maker who embraces her wild side whole-heartedly.

Confident and strong-willed, Millenia always knows what she wants, even if she doesn’t quite know how to get it. While she’s highly skilled in magickal arts, Millenia rarely puts her skills on display (nor does she “apply herself,” as numerous instructors have told her). Having earned a reputation as a trickster due to the strange, inexplicable things that often happen around her, most recognize that she has a good heart – if not a slightly eccentric nature – and a deep sense of determination that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Perhaps unsurprisingly given all this, she’s taken recent events that have threatened to flip her life-upside down in stride, almost seeming to welcome all the unexpected changes.

While she’s matured a bit from her childhood fascination with other dimensions and creatures beyond the veil of reality, even as an adult Millenia likes to daydream about what else could be out there.

Millenia’s first name comes from the character of the same name in Grandia II, and they share the same bright red hair, outgoing nature, boisterous outlook on life, and a penchant for troublemaking – though they don’t have much in common, otherwise. While Millie’s design was always meant to be on the short and curvy side, her final overall look and outline for Terraform didn’t really click until some of the core concepts of the story fell into place. Her last name is meant to sound regal and grandiose, two things that don’t apply to her at all.