Hero Hiro


An easygoing type who’s always first to help any time there’s trouble.

A bit unambitious at times, Hero nevertheless goes out of his way to help those in need. Often taking odd jobs around town based on local listings via websites or the university’s job board, Hero typically ends up doing the work for free and relies more on assisting Amanda, whose income covers food and bills for the both of them in Terraform. Considering his sibling-like bond with Amanda, Hero often gets into disagreements with his “sister” – though sometimes it seems like he just wants to contradict her for the fun of it.

Hero’s name came from early drafts of Terraform not having a proper name for him at the time. For a while, I simply made notes that he was the “hero” of the story, a role that has since been diminished significantly. The name, however, stuck, because I felt it was a fitting name for a character that was a bit more in the background – a bit at odds with his common, every-man appearance that looks like he could be the star of any number of anime series.