Amanda Rotor


A confident, animal-loving cosplayer with a big sister complex.

While Amanda may seem thorny and guarded when she first meets new people, she’s an easygoing type with a heart of gold just beneath the surface. Having founded her school’s cosplay club and also the proud owner of a collection of sailor uniforms, even Amanda won’t deny that she’s a bit of an otaku. Thanks to her sterling scholastic record, scholarships cover the majority of her tuition, so she’s found success in both cosplay costuming as well as hosting live streams of both sewing and modeling her latest designs. She sees herself as something of an older sister to Nova, having already shared a sibling-like bond with Hero for years, and finds a certain kind of kinship with Millenia.

Amanda is a character that’s taken on a lot of forms over the years – at various points she’s been taller, had different hair, a significantly different personality, and has also been a cat woman (which is still represented in her cosplay costume ears and tail). Since she’s been around so long, it’s hard to pin down any one inspiration for her, instead taking from a lot of people and ideas that I’ve had over the course of my life.