High Performance Next-Generation Bunny Mascot, at your service!

An original mascot I designed to be adaptable to any situation. The initial goal was to have a cute design to use on live streams for various alerts and other purposes, but she’s evolved into something a bit more all-purpose – an all purpose cultural bunny girl, if you will. While Nova has become the face of my art and my most recognizable character over the years, I wanted to create a new character design that wasn’t directly tied to a comic or any specific project that could be used in a wider variety of situations. While she was intended to be a solo character, I liked the concept so much that I ended up expanding the concept into a whole series of android mascot characters and gave them a bit of lore. In Bun-E03’s case, she’s designed to be a “High Performance Next-Generation Bunny Mascot,” the latest in a line of entertainment androids with a bubbly personality to match.

Her overall look combines things I like into one design, and is meant to be sort of a showcase of what my art often is: Bubbly, fun, and cute, and just a bit sexy at times. Her android appearance and mechanical parts are meant to make her feel out of this world. It probably goes without saying, but there’s some Hastune Miku and Vocaloid influences in there as well with the twin-tail hairstyle and appearance of someone who could break out into song at any moment.