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Sailor Moon Redraw

Some things never change. Decided to merge old and new by updating the technology that she doesn’t know how to use, but still giving the whole image a 90s CRT television look.

Bun-E03 Digital Pinup

The original goal for this was to have a sort of old-school pinup look, but I lost steam on that idea partway through and decided to keep with a digital theme, instead. As a result, I added some extra filters to create a fuzzy, hyper-color look to the whole image.

Felicia – Darkstalkers (Timelapse)

Getting used to the timelapse feature of Clip Studio Paint, and how it records everything I do. There’s a few bits that are finished right at the finish line, but that’s the artistic process for you – it’s rarely clean, and that’s a big part of the fun.

Cat Boo & Luigi

Playful like a cat, yet shy like a Boo. The best(?) of both worlds.

Year Eleven

Reflections on daily drawing from 2011 through 2021.