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Bun-E03, Lab Assistant

For a brief time, Bun-E03 served as an assistant on the administrative side of the lab to test her socialization skills. She mostly just doodled in her notebook, clicked pens, chewed pencils, and goofed off due to boredom, so it was decided she’d still be best as an entertainment android.

Still thinking.

Bun-E03 and my favorite game console of all time. It’s still thinking.


Been sitting on a version of this for months. Finally decided to clean it up and finish coloring with a simple background so it wouldn’t be stuck in mostly-done limbo forever.(I always picked Eri as a kid, but I like ’em all.)

Zero XP Hero: Bath Time!

No hero? No problem! Serpent A and Gel C are more than ready to save the kingdom! … just as soon as they finish relaxing at the public baths.

Arina – Waku Waku 7

Never played this one in arcades so I had to play it via other methods, but it’s probably no surprise Arina is one of my favorites. A good mix of character designs that are both unique while also parodying trends at the time.