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Art, illustrations, and such.

Year of the Tiger

Happy New Year!For the Year of the Tiger, Amanda bought herself and Millenia matching tiger outfits… right down to the size.

Simple Math

“Can you tell me what’s missing from this equation?” Maybe letting Verse teach a college course was a mistake.

Must Love Pets – Sasha and Snowball

Been playing around with these character designs for, checks watch, several years now, but I’ve come up with a plan for them in the form of short, 1-3 page comics about the misadventures of a trio of animals – a cat, a rabbit, and a dog – spending their days […]

Cosmic Café Nova

She looks so cute in her waitress uniform! Well… cute-er. I was considering a more elaborate background for this one, but with everything else going on at the moment I might never have finished it.

Zero XP Hero – Meet the Party

When a low-level lamia accidentally kills the hero of the land with a critical hit, she takes it upon herself to save the land from the forces of evil that threaten to destroy it. But how can a monster who can’t level up save her homeland? I’ve been playing around […]