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Art, illustrations, and such.

Still thinking.

Bun-E03 and my favorite game console of all time. It’s still thinking.


Been sitting on a version of this for months. Finally decided to clean it up and finish coloring with a simple background so it wouldn’t be stuck in mostly-done limbo forever.(I always picked Eri as a kid, but I like ’em all.)

Zero XP Hero: Bath Time!

No hero? No problem! Serpent A and Gel C are more than ready to save the kingdom! … just as soon as they finish relaxing at the public baths.

Arina – Waku Waku 7

Never played this one in arcades so I had to play it via other methods, but it’s probably no surprise Arina is one of my favorites. A good mix of character designs that are both unique while also parodying trends at the time.

SFTL Lab Notes: Maintenance Day

SFTL Lab Notes // 20XX.07.31 During today’s routine maintenance, Bun-E03 unexpectedly hopped over to NEK-01 and gave her a hug, exclaiming “you’re so cute!” NEK-01’s CPU temperature spiked immediately after, causing her OS to lock up for several seconds.