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Art, illustrations, and such.

Cat Lessons

CAT-SS is giving lessons to NEK-01 on how to be more flexible and cat-like!… it’s not going very well.

Moovember: Amanda and Millenia

Tiger hoodies…? Oh, right. Those. Timelapse versions: Originally Amanda was going to have one leg folded over the other, but I couldn’t make it quite work. So I changed her overall pose. You can see how much time I spent near the end trying to get the expression just right.

Moovember: Nova

Nova might have misunderstood the “cow girl” prompt slightly, but she makes it work in her own adorable way.

Moovember: Verse

Verse is already getting into the Moovember spirit. Introducing the cutout cow pattern bikini (click to view), which… might have been the idea that kicked this whole thing off, and the Toonami Edit version on the left.

Happy Halloween from Verse!

As a succubus, Verse is used to dressing up for other people. Halloween is the one day of the year where she knows she’ll get to be herself. Bonus timelapse and 90’s-style vertical pan:

Halloween CAT-SS

Nobody’s quite sure where she got the idea, but CAT-SS insisted on being a werecat for Halloween. A handful of lab employees have noted that it doesn’t seem that much different from her usual outfit.

Bun-E03, Lab Assistant

For a brief time, Bun-E03 served as an assistant on the administrative side of the lab to test her socialization skills. She mostly just doodled in her notebook, clicked pens, chewed pencils, and goofed off due to boredom, so it was decided she’d still be best as an entertainment android.