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Bun-E03 CONFIG: Bouncer

Superfuture Technolabs is an inclusive and welcoming place and has zero tolerance for hatred and bigotry. Troublemakers can and will be escorted off the premises, permanently suspended from returning, and may be subject to being bonked by a holo-hammer as agreed to in Visitor’s Agreement Form #278-b. Image Description: Digital […]

A lineup of three women wearing bunny suits and striking a pose with their hands simulating bunny ears. Word bubbles above them with hiragana show they're saying "Bunny".

Bunny Day 2023

Happy Bunny Day! I wanted to capture each character’s personality – including the hiragana – while giving them roughly the same pose. I also considered katakana instead of hiragana since all three of them are western, but it seemed like ばにー (“ba-ni” with a long vowel) was the most understood […]

Terraform: The Day Before the Carnival

Finished the updated splash page for Terraform’s prelude chapter, complete with new name.It’s a chapter about the ordinary and familiar coming to an abrupt end, which feels fitting for where things seem to be headed in my life right now.