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Art, illustrations, and such.

Zero XP Hero Chibis – Sera and Sally

A couple of chibis for Zero XP Hero I’ve been poking at off and on for way too long. I had to re-draw the patterns on Sally twice, but it was good practice!

Zero XP Hero Preview

y of a lamia who defeats the chosen hero in self-defense with a critical hit, and (reluctantly) decides to take up his sword for herself to save the land from peril. But how does a monster who can’t level up become a hero?

Terraform Phase 1 Splash Page Update

Since I’m updating all the chapter splash pages, I had to do the splash page for Phase 1 of Terraform, too.(Except for Hero. His art is exactly the same. I’m sure he doesn’t mind.)

Bun-E03 Key Illustration V2

An updated illustration for Bun-E03! It’s been a few years since I came up with her original design. It hasn’t changed much, but there’s a few elements that I wanted to update along with some own minor changes to my art style that are better reflected in this new illustration.


Originally designed as a part of the overlay for Twitch streams, I ended up adapting this into a notification for followers. I didn’t want to leave it at that, though, so I also gave it a little background and a CRT-ified makeover.

Cool Oni

Skateboard not included, but implied.

Weird Anime VHS

Anyone recognize what anime this is from? I’ve never seen it before.