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SFTL Lab Notes: Maintenance Day

SFTL Lab Notes // 20XX.07.31 During today’s routine maintenance, Bun-E03 unexpectedly hopped over to NEK-01 and gave her a hug, exclaiming “you’re so cute!” NEK-01’s CPU temperature spiked immediately after, causing her OS to lock up for several seconds.

Pink Bun

Playing with different shades of pink for fun.

Boba Demon

Revisited a drawing I did back in 2020, but couldn’t decide if I wanted to update the expression, so why not both? Wonder who she’s texting…?

Bun-E03: Space Reporter

//S.F.T.L. Notes 0X.X9.20XX//Bun-E03 has been dancing around in an unusual holoform outfit, calling out directions like “up” and “left” and words like “chu” and “hey” as some sort of call and response game.Nobody’s sure how this behavior started, but everyone agrees it’s adorable.

Zero XP Hero Chibis – Sera and Sally

A couple of chibis for Zero XP Hero I’ve been poking at off and on for way too long. I had to re-draw the patterns on Sally twice, but it was good practice!