September 2021 Update: The Future of Terraform

Today’s Tune: Demondelic Inc. by Chris Nordgren

It’s been around ten years or so since I started working on Terraform seriously. In that time it’s been restarted once (or maybe twice?), and had some long pauses along the way. But wherever it goes, and whatever form it takes, I’m proud of my accomplishments.


I’m spoiling readers (and spoiling myself, in a different sense) by posting up some work in progress pages of Terraform‘s upcoming Chapter 3. You can check them out from the Chapters page, if you want.

Longer version: Things for Terraform are at a weird crossroads. There’s no intention of ending the comic, but it’s more about what I do with it for the rest of the year that’s been on my mind. All the pages of Chapter 2 are effectively complete, but since there’s only so much time available to me to work on pages (and juggle work/life balance, work on other comic ideas, other pieces of art, etc.), I usually keep it to 2-3 pages per month to avoid hitting a wall where there’s nothing new to show for a while, as I’ve been there before and it feels a bit empty.

But… that leaves me a bit unsatisfied, as I want to get to a place where pages can be more consistent, and there’s a lot of big developments and character changes in Chapter 3 that I can’t wait to get to. So for my own sanity, I put up the preview mentioned above so that there’s something to show. I’ll also be doing some art featuring changes to one of the cast soon, and figured I should try to get ahead of myself in that sense.

Aside from that, California is still on fire. If you’d like to help, consider donating to California Wildfire Relief.

As always, Black Lives Matter. Stop AAPI Hate. Trans Rights are Human Rights. Spread love. Punch Fascists.