June 2021 Update: Lavender Buds

Today’s Tune: Lavender Buds by MF DOOM

One or two pages need a bit of cleanup, but the lineart on Chapter 2 of Terraform is finally completed. My original intent was for Chapter 2 to be around 30 pages. Instead it’s… well. See for yourself.

When Chapter 2 is wrapped up, the first “Phase” of Terraform will be complete. I’m hoping the next chapter and phase will be worth the wait, though I do hope to accelerate page posts in the future. However, I might use the break in chapters to refocus my energies on some other comic ideas that I’ve had for quite a long time.

Aside from comics, a good chunk of my time has been going into updating assets for my Twitch stream, though it’s been difficult to make the time and get in the headspace to stream more in general. My goal is to do more art streams, though it’s a bit of a mental hurdle to get that happening.

There’s also some store updates; I meant to do a larger post announcing a re-launch, but I’m going to save that for what I’ve (uncreatively) titled the “Summer Vibes Project.” You might have already seen the first piece of the project posted, but there’s a lot more on the way.

Short update this time around. Much love. Black Lives Matter. Stop AAPI Hate. Trans Rights are Human Rights. Punch Fascists.