OmniPencil for Clip Studio Paint


This is a set of pencils I created for my own art. They’re used for almost everything, including the initial sketch, lineart, color, and erasing to create transparency effects, such as with hair.

I usually switch between them depending on what step I’m on and what I want to do.

The “Soft” pencil is typically used for the sketch and adding transparency by setting the color to transparent and using light pressure. It’s slightly transparent unless you’re using full pressure, so it’s also useful for parts where you want a little color to come through, like eyes, or to add a softer effect to the edges of coloring.

The “Hard” pencil is typically used for lineart, big blocks of color, lettering, and other places where you’d likely want to use a pen tool.

You can use them for every part of an illustration!

Nova’s making pancakes. She looks as happy as ever.

For coloring, assuming you do colors on a separate layer, I recommend setting the Expression Color of the lineart layer(s) to “Monochrome” while you add color, then changing it back to “Color” when you’re done. Otherwise you may get some anti-aliasing on the edges depending on your coloring style.

I hope people will find these useful, as they’ve been a big part of my kit for a few years now.