Wake up, Bun-E03!

It’s showtime!

A project that I’ve been working on for a bit. The static image and animation were drawn in Clip Studio Paint, while nearly everything else, including the text, screen transition, and effects are using OBS and SAMMI stream deck software. I’ll be using this to start streams moving forward.

Fun facts: I have a button in SAMMI if I need it, but I set it to trigger whenever I type ‘Wake up, Bun-E03!’ in chat. The keyboard sound is me recording my own mechanical keyboard.

Some additional bits of the overall process:

The initial sketches with Bun-E03 in Sleep Mode and with her eyes open. I wanted to keep the overall animation simple, as the background would be akin to an old CRT monitor. The goal was to give the whole thing the feeling of a character that’s inside a computer akin to a late 80s or early 90s anime.

Animating the sketch and then the lineart (her harness-like top was added later). Early on I wanted her to simply open her eyes before the screen faded to white, but I added the smile partway through so it’s clear she’s happy to see the viewer, as opposed to looking surprised.