Terraform: Cut Pages from Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 2 was originally going to take place over the course of roughly a week, with some days being compressed into a single page as Nova acclimated to living with Amanda and Hero.
Millenia arguing with Screwtape was originally condensed into fewer pages (though one page ended up being kind of cramped anyways). Some of this was recycled into other pages.
More “school life” pages that didn’t make the cut. Nova’s love of running and movement is something that’ll be explored a little later, though her design always implies motion. Hero is in the background tripping over a hurdle.
The final concept of this page stuck around, with Nova squatting down to look up at Amanda, but the pose changed. The final version has her knees and hands turned inward, a bit more like a dog standing on her hind legs.
At one point, as part of Nova adjusting to school life, there was going to be a few pages about swimming that would feed into another plot point. I ended up cutting it because it felt too much like filler with no purpose.
A scene where Screwtape takes note of Millenia’s gemstone. Since they know each other as a teacher and student, I ended up going in a different direction with this scene to make it clear that there’s history between the two of them.