June 2023 Update: Life on the Line

Today’s Tune: Life on the Line by 2Mello

(If the song title’s got you concerned, don’t be. To me, it’s a song about powering up, not giving up.)

I’ve been thinking about what to put here for a month – this was supposed to be a May update, and now it’s gotten pushed to June. Most of it came down to trying to describe all the moving pieces that are happening in my life, trying to explain how those gears are in motion. I realized recently that by trying to put it in writing, I was putting things off, too. Everything I wanted to do was waiting for some signal, a green light, a go sign that wasn’t going to come to me. All of that was within me, waiting for me to take action.

So. I’m making it happen. Instead of putting what I want to do out there, I’m putting myself to it. Not speculating on what the future holds, but making that future for myself to come back and talk about how it’s happening. I’ve got the feeling big things are on the way, and it’s up to me to make those moves. There could be some points where I might not be around for a bit, but I’m not going anywhere, you feel me? I know you do. It’s life on the line, and it’s time for me to grab hold of what’s right in front of me.

Ride rails, spread love, punch nazis. Catch you on the flip.