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A Crash Course on Voicemeeter Potato and OBS

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Separating Audio I’ll start out with a bit of a preface and warning: Everyone’s setup is different, so you’ll likely need to make further adjustments based on your environment, computer settings, what types of programs you have running, and more. That […]

Zero XP Hero Chibis – Sera and Sally

A couple of chibis for Zero XP Hero I’ve been poking at off and on for way too long. I had to re-draw the patterns on Sally twice, but it was good practice!

Zero XP Hero Preview

y of a lamia who defeats the chosen hero in self-defense with a critical hit, and (reluctantly) decides to take up his sword for herself to save the land from peril. But how does a monster who can’t level up become a hero?

Terraform Phase 1 Splash Page Update

Since I’m updating all the chapter splash pages, I had to do the splash page for Phase 1 of Terraform, too.(Except for Hero. His art is exactly the same. I’m sure he doesn’t mind.)

Displaying On-screen Music Titles in OBS via foobar2000

Getting Started Install foobar2000 This is the only program that consistently works for displaying music in my experience, so it’s the one I’ve been using for a few years now. You can make it look a lot more pleasant with skins; I recommend a free skin called “Eole,” which […]

Adding Discord Voice Reactive Images to OBS

What are Reactive Images? Images that react to voice – or, more accurately, audio – in Discord. When you or others speak, that person’s icon will light up, move, or otherwise change to indicate someone is speaking, then revert back when they’re done. You know how a little green circle […]

Bun-E03 Key Illustration V2

An updated illustration for Bun-E03! It’s been a few years since I came up with her original design. It hasn’t changed much, but there’s a few elements that I wanted to update along with some own minor changes to my art style that are better reflected in this new illustration.


Originally designed as a part of the overlay for Twitch streams, I ended up adapting this into a notification for followers. I didn’t want to leave it at that, though, so I also gave it a little background and a CRT-ified makeover.

Cool Oni

Skateboard not included, but implied.