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September 2021 Update: The Future of Terraform

Today’s Tune: Demondelic Inc. by Chris Nordgren It’s been around ten years or so since I started working on Terraform seriously. In that time it’s been restarted once (or maybe twice?), and had some long pauses along the way. But wherever it goes, and whatever form it takes, I’m proud of […]

August 2021 Update: Outer Wilds

Today’s Tune: Outer Wilds by Andrew Prahlow Frankly, the last two months have felt like I’ve just been floating through them. My original thought for this month’s update, since I skipped one for July, was to talk about my experience playing the excellent Outer Wilds and turn it into a creative […]

Plant Based: Part 1 – Space Stuff

The end of all things, salvage, and schlooooop. In the beginning, there was nothing. This was generally agreed upon as a universal good, but some divine being or the cosmos at large decided to muck it all up. Where you land on one or the other was largely a matter […]

Bun-E03 Album Cover

Bit of an album cover design to this one! Feels fitting as Hatsune Miku was a bit of an inspiration for her design.

June 2021 Update: Lavender Buds

Today’s Tune: Lavender Buds by MF DOOM One or two pages need a bit of cleanup, but the lineart on Chapter 2 of Terraform is finally completed. My original intent was for Chapter 2 to be around 30 pages. Instead it’s… well. See for yourself. When Chapter 2 is wrapped up, […]


What do you think a Daisy-themed Super Crown would result in? I’m gonna say… Bowsy.

Spring Breeze

There’s nothing like a nice spring breeze to carry your worries away.

April 2021 Update: Orpheus

Today’s Tune: Orpheus by Ash There are two things that have been running through my mind this month: 1.) That all creative types emit a field that causes technology to spontaneously fail around them, and that at a certain point they become aware of this field. This causes the effect […]

Sailor Moon Redraw

Some things never change. Decided to merge old and new by updating the technology that she doesn’t know how to use, but still giving the whole image a 90s CRT television look.